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Riot Gear

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You Wear Riot Gear for One Reason ‘protection’ and it must work

Riot gear hasn’t changed since the ’70s. That’s a problem.

We’ve worked with law enforcement personnel to determine the needs of quick response teams and correctional officers across the nation and found that riot gear was hindering rather than helping officers while they protect the public they serve during anti-riot and crowd control situations.

Enforcer MP

Full coverage defensive gear in intense tactical situations

The Enforcer MP offers unparalleled defense in acute, quick-response situations. With integrated carriers and full-coverage MOLLE gear, operators have everything they need to remain safe and restore peace in dangerous, tactical situations. This is riot gear at it’s best.

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Protection you can count on in situations beyond your control

The Enforcer Riot Suite offers essential full-body blunt force protection gear for law enforcement and corrections agencies. The patented features allow operators the option of inserting hard or soft ballistic protection. This is riot gear you can count on.

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Get up when you get knocked down

The Patrol Riot Suit offers essential full-body protection for all law enforcement agencies. This lightweight suit is adjustable for most body sizes and supports hydration and cooling systems.

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