Riot gear has not been redesigned since the 1970s


We’ve worked with law enforcement personnel to determine the needs of quick response teams and correctional officers across the nation. We found that riot gear was hindering rather than helping officers while they protect the public they serve during anti-riot and crowd control situations. What made matters worse that political climates have shifted and not many were willing to work with law enforcement to keep them safe.

We’re different

Haven Gear sees the value in outfitting law enforcement agencies with the most durable, safe and mobile defense technology possible. We’ve worked countless hours to design and patent riot gear for the 21st century. Riot gear that is flexible, versatile and most importantly safe.

The Patrol, Enforcer and Arsenal Rapid Response Kit were made to ensure that the brave men and women of law enforcement are able to safely diffuse dangerous situations and be comfortable while doing it. Our patented technology has one goal: to get your officers home safely.

Haven Gear is a company dedicated to keeping law enforcement agencies safe

We saw a gap in the riot gear field and wanted to fill it with innovative defense technology. We work with multiple departments to customize riot suits and kits to effectively suit their needs.