Removable, Replaceable Hydration and Cooling Systems

Revolutionize Operator Comfort in Tense, Unpredictable Situations 

Haven Gear Cooling System

The Haven Gear cooling system is comprised of durable, reusable ice packs in hook pouches. These pouches can be frozen and stuck to the loop interior of any Haven Gear riot suit. This system keeps the cooling packs where officers place them, but also makes it very simple to remove and replace them.

If frozen, the packs can provide cooling comfort for the officer wearing them for up to 4 hours. Packs are interchangeable and can be placed wherever an officer is seeking relief from heat.

Haven Gear Hydration System

The Haven Gear Hydration System is comprised of a water bladder with drinking hose in a durable bag that affixes to the back of any Haven Gear Riot Suit with sturdy hook and loop material. The hose fits into a loop on the shoulder of the riot suit for easy access to the officer.