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Tactical Accessories For Your Team

There are some media outlets and pundits who enjoy pushing a negative narrative when it comes to police officers and what they bring to a riot. It has been said that it is only when police are assigned to protest zones for crowd control and bring riot gear, that situations escalate. This is simply not true. As we have seen this summer, there are those who go to protests with the aim to accelerate situations and have no qualms about injuring officers. Take for example the concerning use of accessories like lasers that have been used by rioters. Lasers have been used to partially and in some cases, permanently blind local officers and federal agents. It would not matter what the peace officers and federal agents would have worn and not worn in those situations. People who wanted to injure officers would have worked to do so.

As a peace giver, you know that just because things get tough, just because the situation gets dangerous, it doesn’t mean you and your team throw in the towel. It means you must prepare yourself. You must train your team to diffuse situations and swiftly isolate troublemakers before they can cause harm. Additionally, you ensure your team is equipped with the right gear and the right accessories.

Equipping Your Team With the Right Gear and the Right Accessories

Wearing a riot suit is monumental when it comes to protection. The suit is generally defined as the clothing you wear across your torso, legs, shoulders, and arms for protection. This gear is worn to protect those primary parts of the wearer’s body from assailants and thrown objects. However, as the linked articles above show, those aren’t the only things your crew should be aware of. You may find a basic riot gear suit provides you with all of the carrying storage you need for accessories. However, you may also decide you want more. To ensure your team has the proper amount of storage and accessories, riot gear suits have additional options for customization. This way your team can carry all of the items they will need to perform their best.

Available Accessories to Consider

  • High protection eyewear. High-quality eyewear is especially important if your team members are not wearing helmets with full face shields. However, they should be considered in all instances. These types of glasses will protect your team members from hurled objects or fluids. 
  • Kevlar gloves. Just last month, Los Angeles officers recovered knives, poles, and fireworks from 17 arrestees. They failed to adhere to an order to disperse from an unlawful assembly after they had been throwing objects at law enforcement. Officers who face such weapon-carrying protesters must be equipped with the right gear that will let them do their job safely and confidently. Kevlar gloves are one accessory that will prove invaluable in these types of tasks. Kevlar gloves are famed for being highly cut-resistant, protecting wearers from many sharp objects including knife slashes. This is critical as even a seemingly minor cut on glass or a knife’s edge can cause an infection or nerve damage. Kevlar gloves provide necessary hand protection while simultaneously boasting the key benefits of being lightweight, breathable, and highly durable.
  • Hydration Pack. No matter the weather, dehydration is a top concern for peace givers. In fact, there is some research saying that in more moderate climates, dehydration is a bigger concern. This is because during winter and fall, people tend to drink less as they find themselves not as thirsty in cooler temperatures. Dehydration can cause dizziness, fatigue, and irritability — all of which are undesired symptoms for an officer. Such symptoms can particularly pose a dangerous scenario in officers monitoring a protest. Outfitting your team with a simple hydration pack accessory will make it easy for them to stay at attention while still getting regular water intake. This pack ensures they keep dehydration at bay and are ready to move, should the situation call for it.

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