Benefits of Modern Riot Gear Design Options

Benefits of Modern Riot Gear Design Options

Modern riot gear design has made policing safer and more effective than ever before. Your officers want to know that they’re as safe and protected as possible when they have to face off against an unruly crowd during a riot or civil unrest. You don’t want your officers walking into a situation where they don’t have the proper gear and training. That’s why we pioneered the modern riot suit at Haven Gear. If you haven’t upgraded your PPE to modern standards at your law enforcement agency or department, here are some of the benefits of modern riot gear design that you should consider in your new year budget. 

1. Peace of Mind for Your Officers

Everyone inherently understands that policing is a stressful job. For officers who don’t have the proper PPE when responding to riots, it’s even worse. The Department of Justice has found that simply not having riot gear can cause stress and anxiety for some officers – even if they don’t have riots to respond to in their local area. Every officer knows that modern riot gear offers unparalleled levels of protection compared to their regular duty gear. Having the right gear and doing annual inventory checks is important for your officers’ peace of mind.

2. Superb Protection from Physical Threats

A modern riot gear suit is designed to protect officers much like a suit of armor but in a much more lightweight package. Haven Gear’s Enforcer riot suit, for example, is made from molded polypropylene plates. The suits are resistant to blunt force strikes, thrown objects, and stabbing. The materials are also flame-resistant. The ultra-lightweight suits only weigh about 10 pounds in total, leaving your officers mobile and protected. An officer’s head, arms, legs, shins, feet, and groin are all protected by a Haven Gear riot suit.

3. Anonymity for Officers

This is a benefit that people may not think about very often, but it’s a vital one. Modern technology means that every person participating in a riot or protest likely has a high-resolution camera in their possession, in the form of a smartphone. One of your officers could end up on the nightly news if his or her face is visible, and before you know it, that officer is getting doxed online and the whole world knows their home address. This can endanger an officer and his family members. The proper riot gear helmet makes this a moot situation. Your officers can be anonymous to the crowd, while still wearing identifying markings on their riot suits.

4. Riot Gear Makes a Statement

Any officer wearing riot gear can be quickly recognized by both civilians and other officers. Everyone knows that’s a person who is there to keep the peace. This helps officers keep track of each other during tense and chaotic situations. An officer in riot gear also sends a statement to the people holding the protest or riot: This person is wearing gear and equipment that protects them from all sorts of danger, so don’t even bother trying to take a swing at them. Riot gear is a deterrent to many people, simply because they know the chances of hurting an officer are greatly reduced.

5. Better Mobility

The lightweight design of modern riot gear allows officers to quickly move around in hectic or dangerous situations. Sometimes a line of officers will need to move to a nearby street because rioters have moved. You don’t want your officers slowed down by lugging a bunch of extra heavy gear and equipment around. Lightweight riot gear also allows officers to escape from dangerous situations more quickly. On top of all that, it’s exhausting to be carrying extra weight for several hours during a protest. Lighter gear is always better for your officers.

Haven Gear is very proud of the fact that we have revolutionized modern riot gear to keep peace officers safe

If you have any questions about any of our gear or equipment, please reach out to us today. We’d love to discuss the needs of your department and explain the different riot suit options we have available.