Bulletproof Riot Gear: Choose Your Protection Level

Bulletproof Riot Gear: Choose Your Protection Level

Having access to flexible and sensible solutions is vital for today’s mobile task forces. Whether that means being able to quickly grab gear to support your team in a developing solution or having the time to plan ahead for demonstrations, you need to know that your gear will simply work. It’s not cost-effective to have multiple sets of riot gear for different needs, which is why we focused our design on modular components to keep your teams moving — and protected — regardless of the situation they are facing. Haven Gear Riot Suits, Enforcer & Enforcer MP¬†suits are equipped with integrated compartments that enable officers to insert ballistic plates and panels. Understanding the various options and how they work together to provide cohesive coverage starts with selecting the base level of protection needed for your squad.

The Right Protection Level for Each Squad

gear body armor plate backpack accessories shield vest equipmentWhile soft body armor offers a level of protection for everyday use, in order to repel advanced rounds such as rifles you need to boost your protection. Haven Gear riot suits offer the ability to insert hard armor plates inside carriers that are integrated into the riot gear. Understanding the various protection options available for your officers is vital to ensuring they are protected in any situation. There are a few different types of plates that can be utilized in this type of scenario, with different benefits and liabilities.

Ceramic Plates are Bulletproof

While they’ve been offering protection against bullets for decades, today’s ceramic plates are much more advanced with lighter weights and with more stopping power. Ceramic plates are designed to break when hit by a bullet, thus working with Kevlar or other backing material to reduce the impact of a bullet. However, the weight of ceramic plates and their limited stopping power if dropped or cracked have made them challenging to use. They also do not have the multi-hit capability that other plates can provide.

Polyethylene Plates

Polyethylene plates are considered the best alternative to ceramic plates. At a 50% reduction in weight, polyethylene plates also offer a significant benefit over ceramics in their ability to stop multiple bullets while retaining their efficacy. This is particularly important in tactical situations, where officers may need to move lightly and quickly in life-threatening scenarios.

Each of these plate options come in various sizes and styles, making it vital to find the right protective gear before attempting to add on either ceramic or polyethylene plates for additional protection. You can select from pieces that are perfectly flat or ones that have a curve to help more accurately trace the body’s dimensions for improved comfort and protection.

Creating the right solution for your law enforcement team is likely to require customization, which is why the professionals at HavenGear are available to answer your questions and provide an estimate based on your unique needs. From body armor to helmets and other protective solutions, Haven Gear is engineered to withstand the toughest damage — while still protecting your officers from harm in the field. Our unrivaled focus on safety and innovation are quickly making HavenGear a trusted brand for law enforcement professionals across the country.

Submit a contact request and we will schedule a time for your initial consultation. It’s important to note that while Haven Gear is your source for both next-generation riot suits, panels and can sell ballistic plates and helmets, it is up to the individual officer to ensure that the ballistic body armor components are securely and accurately installed their riot suits and Accessories.

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