Tactical Riot Gear: Can They Provide Versatility & Protection?

Tactical Riot Gear: Can They Provide Versatility & Protection?

When things go sideways, and rioters take to the streets, it’s crucial that front-line peace officers have the head-to-toe protection they need. While a significant part of restoring law and order remains apprehending those who perpetrate violence and key agitators, the job is inherently dangerous.

How Haven Gear Has Stepped Up To The Plate with Riot Gear

At Haven Gear, the safety and comfort of front line officers prompted forward-thinking riot gear design and engineering. One of the crucial aspects of the protection Enforcer riot suit, and the Enforcer MP, is the optional use of highly protective ballistic panels and plates created to keep police officers safe from life-threatening gunshot and edged-weapon injuries.

Versatility and Enhanced Tactical Protection

Perhaps the single greatest risk law enforcement officials take is being shot or stabbed. Such wounds can prove fatal and are far too common. What many Americans do not realize is that more than 150 officers die in the line of duty each year. Gunfire remains the leading cause, and many more survive gunshot and stab wounds with diminished health. To protect themselves against these threats, ballistics gear has become a staple in every law enforcement officer’s wardrobe. Over the years, ballistic gear has become lightweight and durable. A popular material, Kevlar, is evidence of this. This material can be made into coveralls, gloves, helmets, and ballistic vests. But there are also ballistic plates and panels available for officers who require more protection.

Ballistic plates are made of hard materials. These commonly include steel, ceramic, and polyethylene. Each offer varying level of durability and protection. Steel is extremely durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. Ceramic ballistic plates are durable and provide safety for not only you but other officers by absorbing the shock of a bullet and reducing ricochet risk. Polyethylene plates are the lightest weight of the three and still offer multi-hit ratings. Ballistic panels, on the other hand, are soft armor that provides protection and mobility. Both plates and panels are equally effective in stopping projectiles and keeping officers safe in the line of duty. While safety is of the utmost importance comfort comes into play when officers need to wear this enhanced protection for long periods of time. Haven Gear’s Enforcer and Enforcer MP riot suits were made with integrated ballistics carriers so that officers could add as much or as little ballistic protection necessary for any situation they’re put into. This integration enables officers to rely on one suit to protect them during everyday patrol to serious, crowd-control situations.

Durable Polycarbonate

When considering which type of riot suit and body armor to work with, decision-makers generally consider the two most prevalent threats — firearms and edged weapons. But there are numerous potential dangers when police are tasked with handling aggressive mobs and violent individuals. These include fire and blunt force impacts from rocks and heavy objects. The Haven Gear riot suits’ deftly engineered polycarbonate panels provide yet another, lightweight layer of protection against blunt, sharp, and flammable objects that may be hurled at officers in tense, crowd-control situations.

Superior Mobility

Officers often have mixed feelings about wearing protective suits. The issue for many is the idea they may be giving up agility, quickness, and the ability to detain offenders at critical moments. Those are reasonable, professional concerns. Haven Gear hears that loud and clear. The multi-use ballistic panel compartments utilized in the Enforcer and Enforcer MP enables officers to place whichever ballistic protection they prefer into their riot suit without compromising their mobility. Adding ballistics to your suit will make it heavier, of course, however, our patented design still enables officers to don, wear and doff these suits with ease.

There are quite a few Body riot suits and Tactical Gear options on the market today

The critical difference between Haven Gear and others is that systems such as the Enforcer and Enforcer MP are engineered and manufactured by prioritizing the safety needs of front line officers. With those considerations in mind, the latest technology is used to create integrated ballistic plate carriers and durable, lightweight polycarbonate outer panels that can mean the difference between completing your shift and returning home safely.