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Riot Police Equipment: Getting In and Out of Your Squad Car on Duty

From federal law enforcement agencies to community policing, a paradigm shift is taking place about the need for more determined equipment. While everyday Americans have grown accustomed to seeing FBI, ATF, and DEA agents carry out warrants in full riot gear on the nightly news, that same personal protective gear may seem excessive at the local level. Rest assured, we live in times when civil unrest can be quickly sparked through social media and get out of control in the absence of rapid response teams.

State-of-the-art personal protective riot gear has fast-become part of the standard equipment law enforcement officers rely on at every level of the justice system. With that in mind, those tasked with supplying equipment to peace officers may want to rethink riot gear. Like other products or work systems, success requires maximum efficiency, and the first step to saving lives is the officer’s ability to deftly exit and enter a squad car when fully outfitted.

Reconsider Protective Gear and Accessories in Terms of Efficiency

The iconic image of riot gears that many people have in their minds is that of bulky outerwear, helmets, and shields as the front-line men and women stand shoulder-to-should facing angry mobs. While the people who comprise the thin blue line still perform this dangerous law enforcement task, today’s gear must be far lighter. That’s largely because officers must respond to emerging unrest within minutes, and that requires driving to a scene immediately. Delays can cost lives, which is why it makes sense to think about riot gear efficiency.

Take, for example, the efficiency you might expect at a local bar when you and your friends are out for a drink. Behind that bar is a specifically laid out way of placing products within arm’s length of the bartender. A smartly laid out system allows that person to serve your order in a timely fashion. When things are scattered about or cumbersome to find in cabinets, service slows, and you may experience a feeling of dissatisfaction.

While it’s impossible to equate good bartending with police excellence, the underlying idea in all industries is that efficiency matters. That principle holds true for patrol officers as well. They simply must be able to navigate tight spaces, such as squad cars, to protect and serve our communities in a timely fashion. This begs the question: What determines efficient riot gear from outdated and cumbersome products?

Differences Between Outdated & Rapid Response Riot Gear

The heavy riot gear used during the 20th Century was met with strained results as the internet allowed street gangs and bad actors to communicate quickly and outpace police response times. Officers were being asked to get to a violent scene and then exit their patrol cars to change into protective gear, only then to meet threats and restore order.

That yesteryear protective wear was often carried in the vehicle’s trunk or deployed with special units from the station house. Officers simply could not get in and out of a squad car wearing it. Needless to say, injuries could have been prevented and lives saved if officers had access to next-generation riot suits.

What To Expect With Next-Gen Rapid Response Riot Gear

The efficiency of rapid response riot gear allows police maximum agility, range of motion, and is not excessively bulky. This enables patrol officers the ability to wear the majority of the suit while driving. Items such a helmet can be handily placed at arm’s length on the passenger seat with other accessories and does not limit the officer’s movement in any way.

Since riot gear hasn’t been redesigned since 1970, Haven Gear saw an opportunity to work with law enforcement to determine their needs during rapid response and crowd control situations. This helped them create next-gen riot gear suits and gear that focused on bringing officers home safely. Their innovative defense technology fills the gap by being

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Flexible joint designs maximize flexibility
  • Quickly adaptable to include stab-resistant panels
  • Breathable designs allow comfort during full patrol shifts
  • Hydration system provides necessary fluids during warmer climates

The value in these changes is what makes a big difference in the lives of officers and civilians. Efficient riot gear allows officers to enter and exit squad cars and wear protective equipment and accessories during fast-emerging threats.

Reconsider Your Officer’s Croud Control Riot Gear

Law enforcement and police need to be protected when protecting the public. Haven Gear believes in outfitting our defense agencies with efficient protection made specifically for them. If your department is in need of custom riot gear suits, gear, or other accessories, contact Haven Gear today. Our team is dedicated to serving you and your team so you can focus on what’s most important: safety. Get your officers suited in next-gen riot gear, message us today to learn more.