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Need Haven Gear Parts?

When looking to outfit your law enforcement teams, you need to provide them with all the best gear. Seems like a no-brainer, right? That’s why at Haven Gear, in addition to making exceptional riot suits, we also have extra parts to make sure that your crew is as safe and protected as they can be. Some of these are replacement parts. Others are additional protection that you can add to any of our existing riot suits. Let’s look at some of the riot suits and extra gear parts that you can provide to your crews for superior protection.

Our Stellar Riot Suits

At Haven Gear, we offer five different styles of Riot Suits to outfit your whole team. These include the Patrol, the Enforcer, the Enforcer MP, the Mounted Rider Suit and the Arsenal Kit. Each is made of advanced materials. These include molded polypropylene, nylon, and hook and loop closures with top-notch mobility in mind always.

Some of their features include being stab, blunt-force, and fire-resistant. They all have integrated hydration and cooling systems to keep each officer as comfortable as possible during long shifts on the job. We know how difficult the work our law enforcement teams do for society. Thus, they deserve to have the very best in riot suits and gear.

Additionally, all of our Haven Gear riot suits come in sizes ranging from S to XXXL, with custom sizing available if required.

Extra Gear Parts That You May Need

Here are some of the extra gear parts we offer, and which specific riot suit they are meant to go with for total protection, head-to-toe. Note, our thigh, arm, and leg protection can be added to any of our suits or with your existing gear.

Groin Cup Kit for Arsenal: For the Arsenal Riot Suit, it’s a groin cup that comes with a set of thigh protectors.

Groin Guard for Patrol: For the Patrol Riot Suit, it’s not a cup, but a groin guard.

Thigh Protector for Patrol: A thigh protector made of molded polypropylene in black.

Arm Protector (Upper and Lower Arm) for Patrol: A pair of arm protectors made for any suit.

Leg Guards for Patrol: A pair of leg guards made for any suit with non-slip kneecaps.

Groin Guard for Enforcer: A groin guard for the Enforcer Riot suit that’s not a cup.

Thigh Protector for Enforcer: A thigh protector for any suit.

Arm Protector (Upper and Lower Arm) for Enforcer: A pair of arm protection made for any suit.

Leg Guards for Enforcer: A pair of leg guards made for any suit with non-slip kneecaps.

Send Us Any Questions Right Away

If you have any questions on how to best outfit your law enforcement team with the best riot suits and gear available on the market today, send us a message at Haven Gear. Our team is more than happy to go over all of your options. We help you make sure you get exactly what you need to do your job in comfort and safety.