Kevlar and Proper Protective Materials

Kevlar and Proper Protective Materials

At Haven Gear, we value the expertise of law enforcement professionals in the development of our cutting-edge technology for riot gear and equipment. Our collaboration ensures that the products we sell meet the specific needs of professionals in the field. A crucial aspect of safe riot equipment is the use of proper materials. These materials are not just study, but essential to protect officers from physical harm and injuries from weapons. As techniques have improved, materials used for riot gear have evolved, with heavy materials being replaced by those that offer more mobility without compromising protection. Modern riot gear, including our products, makes use of robust materials such as Kevlar and ceramics to absorb impact. Kevlar, a common material in riot gear, offers numerous advantages, as detailed below.

Advantages of Kevlar Compared To Other Materials

  1. Weight: Kevlar offers a much higher weight-to-strength ratio compared to other materials used in riot gear, such as steel. Kevlar can provide the same level of protection as solid steel at a fraction of the weight. While steel is strong and will keep you safe, the added weight can negatively impact your mobility. Kevlar keeps you safe while allowing you the mobility to do your job effectively.
  2. Comfort: Besides the protection Kevlar offers, it is also comfortable. Kevlar is flexible, lightweight, and breathable. This means you can wear it for a long time and retain comfort. This makes it superior to sturdy materials such as leather, which can be uncomfortable to wear over a more extended period.
  3. Versatility In The Field: Kevlar is a modern and versatile material used in various riot and crowd control needs. It can protect you from projectiles and edged weapons such as knives. It is also easy to implement into riot gear, helping reinforce and make it safer. While other materials can offer protection, these materials are often limited in application and suited for specific situations. Due to its range of uses, Kevlar can be used in many unpredictable situations that officers may encounter.
  4. Properties: Kevlar, as a material, offers structural advantages due to its unique production process. It is resistant to heat, provides flame retardancy, and is remarkably strong. It can reinforce protective clothing and vests, as well as a wide range of riot materials. Kevlar has a proven track record, with extensive research data and information demonstrating its reliability and safety even in the most stressful and unpredictable situations. This should give you the confidence that our riot gear, which incorporates Kevlar, is a dependable choice for your safety needs.   

When You Need Modern Dependable Riot Gear

At Haven Gear, we carry a wide selection of riot gear and accessories to keep you and your team safe in crowds and riots. By using modern materials such as Kevlar, you can rest assured you are addictively protected while not having to manage the disadvantages of older materials that, while strong, could significantly limit your mobility and, over a long work day, become uncomfortable to wear. Our gear is safe and lightweight. When you buy riot gear from us, you can rest assured your equipment can be worn during your time in the field, no matter how long that may be.