Maximizing Officer Safety: Benefits of Investing In Riot Gear

Being a police officer in today’s world is a dangerous job. The FBI reported a 51% increase in the number of police officers killed in the line of duty from 2020 to 2021. More officers are also getting assaulted on the job, over 60,000 in the United States in 2020 alone. These shocking statistics help to show the importance of officer safety and make it clear just why officer safety is a priority for all police precincts nationwide.

The police are necessary and important. One way to increase officer safety is to have the latest riot gear for your team.

Tactical Gear for Police Protection

Police officers often have to make decisions on the fly when danger strikes. Quick decision-making can turn deadly in an instant. Officers are an investment for the police force. Their tactical gear and riot gear should provide unparalleled protection.

Officers use tear gas, pepper spray, flash bangs, rubber bullets and other tactics to control crowds. Sending officers into the field with outdated protection is dangerous and puts officers at risk of injury or even death. It is crucial for police departments to provide the right tactical gear to their officers for optimal police protection.

Haven Gear provides riot gear that is highly engineered and designed to protect officers while allowing them to maneuver safely through dangerous, unpredictable situations with ease. With the right tactical gear, police build more confidence. Investing in riot gear is an investment in your law enforcement officers and your community safety.

Choose the Best Riot Gear

There are many choices for riot gear for today’s police officers. However, most riot gear has not changed since the early 1970s. Luckily, Haven Gear saw the gap between technology and protection and created a line of revolutionary tactical and riot gear to protect today’s officers from increasing threats of violence.

Haven Gear employs state-of-the-art technology in its gear to allow for maximum mobility. Moreover, built-in groin protection and stab-resistant material protect officers while still allowing for flexibility and agility. An integrated hydration and cooling system offers comfort in the most challenging of environments, keeping officers cool when it is most important. Haven Gear’s riot gear is also fire-resistant.

Haven Gear’s entire line of accessories like batons, shields, helmets and gloves enhance and add value to the riot gear and keep officers safe in unanticipated chaos.

Let Officers Get Work Done With the Right Gear

Making sure officers can work effectively is important. If officers go into the field equipped with the right gear and accessories, it is easier for them to keep and maintain peace. Don’t be forced to sacrifice comfort for safety. The right gear keeps officers safe and allows them to work efficiently and effectively. Look to Haven Gear for lightweight suits that protect your officers in every kind of situation.

Protect Your Officers With the Best Possible Riot Gear

Haven Gear revolutionized riot gear, bringing the clunky shields and suits of the past in line with the technology of the future. The suits allow officers protection with full mobility in tense situations. Contact Haven Gear to learn more about how to keep your officers safe and comfortable on the job.