Mobility and Riot Gear: Balancing Protection with Tactical Maneuverability

Mobility and Riot Gear: Balancing Protection with Tactical Maneuverability

Riot Gear is designed to protect you and your team during high-stressful and dangerous situations. Large crowds can be unpredictable and, in riot situations, safety is a key component of not only your overall well-being but keeping control of the situation. When purchasing riot gear, a common concern is balancing mobility and protection. Modern riot gear seeks to blend these two concepts while also providing the features and comfort you need to be safe.

The Design Concepts of Effective Riot Gear

At Haven Gear, we work closely with those in law enforcement and other high-stress professions to design riot gear that keeps you and allows you to do your job safely and effectively. All of our equipment is designed to meet the modern needs of security control, and we keep the following in mind with all of our designs.

  • Protection: riots are dangerous and widely unpredictable and all it takes is one person with a weapon to turn the situation into something far more dangerous. Our riot gear is designed with both plate and panels made of material that allows a full range of motion while also offering protection. Weight is an important aspect of safety, as equipment that is too heavy can be hard to move in and greatly reduces mobility. Protective but lightweight materials allow you to be both mobile and also safe from firearms and edged weapons.
  • Mobility: many offers don’t like wearing riot gear simply because it can be so limiting to movements, which in itself can be quite dangerous in riot situations where quick movements and mobility are essential. We design our riot gear with not just lightweight material but also customization to fit offer preferences. Our suits allow you to add and remove protective plating and panels as needed so you can balance safety and mobility to fit each officer’s specific needs and performance preferences.
  • Comfort: riot suits are not a type of clothing people typically associate with comfort, but this is an important part of effective riot gear. Crowd control can be a full day’s work and larger riots can take a good deal of time to get under control. We design our suits so they fit correctly and aren’t comfortable to wear or move around in. This keeps you and your team focused on the job and free of unneeded distractions.
  • Adjustable: there is no one-size-fits-all riot gear and officers come in a variety of sizes and heights. You need to be able to properly adjust your riot gear, so it fits correctly and protects the areas of the body it is designed to. Our riot equipment is fully adjustable, allowing for a proper fit. This increases both comfort and safety.    

Equipment You Can Depend On

At Haven Gear, our goal is to keep all of our clients and customers safe. When you buy gear from us, you can rest assured it has been designed and tested with this exact goal in mind. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to design modern gear that fits their needs. We listen to what law enforcement professionals look for and need in their riot gear, and we work hard to provide exactly that. Our innovative technology can help keep you and your department safe. Reach out to us today to learn more about the riot solutions we offer.