MOLLE Accessories: Miracle Equipment for High-Performance Teams

MOLLE Accessories: Miracle Equipment for High-Performance Teams

Heading into a tactical situation is not something that is done lightly, especially when your team is carrying around heavy packs and extra equipment. This is one of the key concepts behind MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”), or Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. With MOLLE-based storage and accessories such as tactical vests and our Enforcer MP suit, individuals are able to quickly store and access a wide range of gear without adding significant weight. The MOLLE system is comprised of a number of regularly-sized loops in such a way that weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire web. An incredibly modular system, the MOLLE negates the need for having different bags or carryalls for your gear based on your deployment or situation. You can simply adjust what is carried in your MOLLE accessories system based on your immediate needs.

MOLLE Accessories are Ideal for Rapid Response Teams

MOLLE accessories are outfitted with PALS, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System, allowing you to easily attach gear for easy access when you’re on-the-go. This quick-hit system is perfect for rapid response teams when you only have a moment to grab the correct gear to keep yourself hydrated and protected when you’re headed out into an uncertain situation. Many teams maintain a core MOLLE system setup that has space for a few swap-outs based on your current needs. Since it does take a few minutes to be sure you’re attaching everything securely with PALS and taking full advantage of the space in your MOLLE, it’s advisable to pre-configure the majority of your gear. MOLLE systems have traditionally been used by troops throughout the US and Great Britain as well as NATO troops. In recent years, law enforcement professionals, FBI and SWAT teams are finding value in this flexible and expandable system of gear storage.

Next Generation Accessories to Expand Attachments Functionality of Your Riot Gear

When your team needs to move quickly, the last thing you need is a bunch of bulky gear weighing you down. On the flip side, you must be sure that you have everything you could need for an extended foray to protect the public — and yourself. At Haven Gear, we see the value that our law enforcement professionals find in MOLLE-equipped accessories, so we offer a full line of items that can be quickly attached to the back panel on our Enforcer suit. For the truly dedicated officers going into dangerous situations, our Enforcer MP includes full coverage MOLLE straps for crowd control and getting tactical situations under control. Accessories that can be combined and attached to the MOLLE panels on our suits include:

  • MK4 & MK9 Pouches
  • Grenadier bag
  • Utility bag
  • 2-Liter hydration pack
  • 6 x 10 Vertical utility pouch

Each of these accessories items contains the quick-attach MOLLE straps, providing convenient access to unique equipment and protection items without adding significant bulk or unwieldy storage units.

At Haven Gear, each of our innovative MOLLE storage systems, accessories, riot suits and gear are created specifically to protect law enforcement and corrections professionals and can be customized to meet your unique needs. With exceptional mobility, these cost-effective alternatives to traditional heavy and immovable riot gear are designed to help provide the next generation of law enforcement with the tools needed in intense tactical situations.

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