Mounted Patrol Suit

If you have seen an increase in protests and so-called direct action events, you are not alone. The last several years have seen an increase in protests; according to LiveScience, three of the ten largest protests in history have occurred in the last five years. While peaceful protesting can be an important part of democracy, there is a line that should not be crossed. When it is no longer peaceful, people get hurt. It is often up to the brave men and women who wear the badge to make sure that line doesn’t get crossed. To do that, they need to rely on a variety of tools. Some scenarios require mounted patrol units to respond and de-escalate situations.

The Importance of Mounted Units & Keeping Them Safe

While many aspects of modern policing have integrated more advanced technologies, mounted police remain an incredibly valuable asset. Mounted police units have shown themselves to be especially effective in crowded situations. Making them significant for patrolling protests and reducing pressure if situations spiral out of control and risk turning into riots.

There are primarily two reasons why horses remain of such value: height and maneuverability. These two features work together to provide fantastic value for any police department charged with maintaining control.

Horses can maneuver in tight areas, including crowded sidewalks and in parks where motor vehicles are restricted. At the same time, trained mounted officers can be expected to have a sense of independence. Furthermore, mounted officers enjoy greater visibility of the area and do not have the risk of being overwhelmed in the same way an officer on foot might.

Likewise, the horse itself does not risk being easily overwhelmed due to its sheer bulk and mass. That bulk and mass is used most effectively in active and passive pushing which force crowds back. This breaks up would-be agitators and stops flashpoints before situations can erupt into rioting.


However, while horses are inherently intimidating, they are not invincible. Around the world, protests have erupted into  violence that has included assaults on mounted units. These assaults include rioters throwing projectiles at mounted units or even hitting them with the signs that were carried in the original protest situation.

The best way to ensure mounted units stay effective at their jobs and ensure they are not injured while doing so is by deploying advanced mounted patrol gear. Here at Haven Gear, we are proud to have developed a line of safe, effective patrol suits for the men and women holding the line as well as their mounts. We developed this gear with the help of local departments to protect both horse and rider in tense situations.

Today, your department can purchase the Riot Protection Collar that effectively protects the most sensitive parts of the horse. This unique mounted armor attaches to the saddle and girth, with clasps crossing over the horse’s neck. The Riot Protection Collar was designed to offer full protection of the lower neck and high chest areas. This mounted patrol suit also features extended shoulder pieces for even more protection.

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