Elevate Your Gear – Must-Have Accessories from Haven Gear

Law enforcement officers rely heavily on their gear to keep them prepared, protected, and ready for action at all times. Haven Gear, a leader in next-gen riot gear, offers full-coverage defense gear designed for intense tactical situations. From utility bags to hydration packs, officers can find everything they need to maximize efficiency and feel safe. Ready to elevate your gear? Check out these must-have accessories from Haven Gear:

1. Tactical Pouch

Tactical pouches are an essential accessory that serves a wide variety of purposes in the field. These versatile pouches are ideal for storing crowd management tools that enable officers to temporarily stop immediate threats.

Our Mk9 Pouch by Haven Gear is constructed of nylon material and can be easily attached to a belt or used as a drop-leg holster. The Mk4 Pouch features a molded plastic case with exterior nylon and can also be attached to a belt for quick access.

For even more storage potential, consider the Vertical Utility Pouch with quick attach MOLLE straps. Measuring 6 inches by 10 inches, this pouch is crafted from highly durable material and can be attached to any MOLLE-compatible system.

2. Grenadier Bag

Having the tools that you need at your fingertips is critical for law enforcement officers, especially when faced with dangerous situations. At Haven Gear, we offer Grenadier Bags that help maximize your MOLLE storage needs.

Choose from a Grenadier Bag with quick attach MOLLE straps exclusively for ENF and PAT, allowing you to securely store important MOLLE equipment. We also carry a Grenadier Bag with belt and Velcro pads to retrofit ENF and PAT and that can be easily affixed on your person.

3. Utility Bag

The right storage solutions can streamline law enforcement operations and help maintain a safe environment for officers and the public. It helps ensure that law enforcement has access to the equipment they need when they need it.

At Haven Gear, you’ll discover several versatile utility bags. Our Utility Bag with quick-attach MOLLE straps is designed for ENF and PAT, while our Utility Bag with Velcro pads is made to retrofit ENF and PAT and features an adjustable belt.


Ideal for police, rescue teams, security services, and more, our Haven Gear MOLLE Platform is the ultimate accessory for all types of high-risk situations. This platform is equipped with a belt and Velcro to retrofit ENF and PAT.

Attach to any MOLLE-compatible vest or gear to create a comfortable and convenient way to carry a wide range of equipment.

5. Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated in the field is important for comfort, health, and safety. Police officers are at a high risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses, which could progress into a life-threatening medical emergency.

Our Hydration Pack can help reduce the risk of dehydration and other heat-related conditions by providing officers with access to water. The Hydration Pack is available in black and can hold up to two liters of water.

6. Cooling Gel Pack

Keeping cool in hot, humid conditions can be challenging with traditional riot gear. The introduction of our Cooling Gel Pack into your uniform can help keep officers comfortable on the job.

This set of Cooling Gel Packs includes one chest, one back, and two side packs. These lightweight and reusable gel packs make it fast and simple for officers to stay cool.

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Having access to the right tactical accessories can make all the difference when faced with an unpredictable dilemma. We pride ourselves in providing law enforcement with innovative riot suits, gear, and accessories that meet their needs. Browse our full selection of tactical accessories or contact us directly to learn more.