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Safety Tips During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Millions of people make a New Year’s resolution they may or may not keep. But as you plan for the annual celebration, it’s in everyone’s best interest to be resolute about safety.

Along with the festivities, New Year’s Eve celebrations too often lead to preventable accidents, injuries, and incidents. Revelers are quick to let down their guard, and that sometimes puts unassuming people in harm’s way. By that same token, police officers can get drawn into situations that escalate. That’s why the Haven Gear team hopes these safety tips help civilians and peace officers. Stay safe during end of year celebrations and begin the next year safely!

1: Partygoers Advised to Travel with Others

The idea that you will rendezvous with others at an outdoor public event is fine, just make sure you are never alone. Criminals are a lot like wolves on New Year’s eve. They look for a vulnerable person who is not protected from the pack. When planning to attend a public event, it’s generally in everyone’s best interest to travel in pairs or small groups. Under no circumstances should you walk around at night alone.

2: Officers Pair-Up When Patrolling Nighttime Celebrations

Gatherings and alcohol can be a recipe for disaster. When officers lend safety support to fun-loving people, the worry is that someone will cause a ruckus. It’s difficult for fellow officers to watch each other’s back from even a short distance under cover of night. Stay close to each other and always patrol together and practice the buddy system for a best safety practice.

3: Don’t Drink & Drive on New Year’s Eve (or ever)

Public service announcements are made yearly about the dangers of drunk driving. The cold hard facts indicate that the message has not been received by everyone. According to a study by Safer America that analyzed NHTSA data, approximately 377 people die in fatal crashes involving drunk driving during the holiday. Consider having guests stay overnight or shuttle to a nearby hotel. Appoint designated drivers or have a driving service phone app ready such as Uber or Lift.

4: Patrol Officers Require Increased Drunk Driving Protections

Law enforcement officials work diligently to keep drunk drivers off the road. However, as many are keenly aware, when you step out of your patrol vehicle, there is a moment of vulnerability. There may only be a few feet between you and a moving car or truck. Maximum protection is advisable.

That’s why it’s essential to wear protective clothing when pulling over drunk drivers. Haven Gear makes a Patrol suit that is comfortable enough to wear for an entire shift and adds protection against hard impacts.

5: Watch for Telltale Signs a Party has Been Infiltrated

The vast majority of events end in jubilation and song on New Year’s Eve. But we’ve all seen the images on television and social media of groups that are bent on violence and destruction. If you are standing in a park or closed-off street event, it’s in your best interest to watch for party disruptors. Violent agitators such as Antifa, (activists) typically wear black from head to toe. Their outfits are not the style of the day. If you see anyone who fits the Antifa profile or is acting strangely, notify a police officer promptly. Some of these groups can be physically violent.

6: Police Officers can Expect Malcontents to Instigate Flash Riots

Civilians will not be the only ones at risk if radicalized groups infiltrate New Year’s Eve events. Additionally, outfits such as Antifa are well organized and are known to coordinate disruption at otherwise peaceful gatherings. New Year’s Eve presents a prime opportunity for these malcontents to hide their faces with masks and blend into a crowd.

As police departments across the country are well aware, these and other street thugs are not shy about assaulting officers. While law enforcement experts are far more likely to spot them in a crowd, you can anticipate physical confrontations. Protective clothing and equipment are essential to completing your shift safely.

Make Proactive Safety Choices

Haven Gear makes a range of lightweight riot suits that deliver increased agility and are perfect for protecting good people on New Year’s Eve. The Patrol, Enforcer, and Arsenal lines offer protection ranging from routine incidents to fully tactical situations. As your department reviews its intelligence about potential New Year’s eve threats, make proactive decisions about wearing protective gear. Contact us today to find out more about our next-gen gear.