Officers Need The Best Riot Suits to Control Crowds

Officers Need The Best Riot Suits to Control Crowds

Law enforcement officers are increasingly being placed in harm’s way in an era of divisive political and social upheaval. Although many citizen protests start out as lawful gatherings to deliver sound First Amendment messages, criminals have consistently infiltrated the ranks of good citizens. The result has been violence in the streets and police being called in to restore peace.

While every American should tip their hat in gratitude to the men and women who hold the thin blue line, the protective gear they use has grown antiquated. Much of the riot suits used to shield officers from flying objects and assault has not been sufficiently updated in decades. This equipment puts police officers at a serious disadvantage in crisis and crowd control scenarios.

Haven Gear recognizes the role riot gear plays in critical law enforcement situations and has done something about it. These are crucial elements of riot suit technology and innovation that can deliver enhanced safety and tactical benefits.

Suits with Integrated Hydration and Cooling for Sustained Use

Social unrest is often sparked during periods of dissatisfaction and disenfranchisement. Sometimes a single event inflames those tensions and crowds take over the streets. When discord explodes in the heat of the summer, police officers have historically been put at a disadvantage. They must either suffer dehydration and heat stroke under old fashioned riot suits or expose their bodies to injury.

The Haven Gear designs incorporate durable water bladders and drinking hoses to reduce fluid loss. Further, Haven Gear Riot Suits are equipped with an integrated cooling system to maintain body temperature for up to four hours. The result is a health-conscious riot suit that allows brave men and women to do their job regardless of the conditions.

Heightened Impact & Fire Resistance Suits

For too many years, law enforcement relied on see-through shields to prevent hard impacts from bottles, rocks and other flying objects such as Molotov cocktails. Crowds that go rogue are quick to throw things. But the shield can only protect officers from one direction. That’s why it is crucial to work with a riot suit that protects vital organs when order breaks down.

Haven Gear protection suits are designed with durable polycarbonate panels to protect organs and limbs in the event of a hard impact. These panels also serve to protect against stab wounds in face-to-face confrontations. They are also fire resistant in the event of flammable objects or liquids being thrown at an officer.

Riot Gear that Improves Agility

Outdated riot suits can be bulky, heavy, and situationally awkward. The full riot gear of yesteryear can make an officer less flexible and put them at risk. And, changing from a patrol uniform to full gear lowers response time.

Today’s law enforcement police officer must be prepared for escalating situations at a moment’s notice. They must enjoy protection at traffic stops, mass arrests, and full-blown riots. That’s why Haven Gear created a riot suit with an ultralight base that can be quickly layered for enhanced crowd control. The use of multi-function ballistic carriers allows officers to upgrade the suit while responding to fluid tactical situations appropriately.

Haven Gear Delivers Riot Suits Officers Can Trust

Law enforcement officials tasked with controlling the crowd in 2019 sometimes face violent offenders. When police and unruly mobs clash, the men and women citizens ask to maintain the peace put their bodies and lives on the line. Sending federal, state, and local officers into harm’s way without the finest possible protections would be a disgrace.

Although the police safety gear industry lags behind the needs of our brave officers, Haven Gear has made significant strides in developing next-generation gear.