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Our Four Different Types of Riot Suits

At Haven Gear, we are passionate about creating the absolute best in protective defense gear for law enforcement and correction agencies. That includes next-gen riot suits for police that offer exceptional protection in a variety of dangerous situations. Part of the requirement of using an effective riot suit is that the officer can move freely. The mobility of the suit is extremely important. It needs to be fast, flexible, and safe. Our Haven Gear riot suits are all that and so much more. The innovation is what puts us far ahead of other companies that make this type of necessary gear for our brave men and women serving. Here are the four types of riot suits we offer at Haven Gear with head-to-toe protection.

Features All Our Riot Control Suits Have

All of our riot suits have similar innovations in common. They are all made out of the same type of material. It’s a molded polypropylene combined with nylon fabric, and “hook and loop” closures. The molded polypropylene is a type of plastic that is flexible and lightweight.

Each riot suit weighs between 10 and 11 lbs. Another vital feature is that the suit will be comfortable to wear and lightweight enough to have on for long periods of time. Each suit is fire-resistant, blunt-force resistant, stab-resistant, and has an integrated hydration and cooling system. The cooling packs when frozen will rest comfortably in each suit giving the wearer a type of in-suit body air-conditioning. The hydration system is easily accessed with a straw that reaches around when you need a sip of water quickly to rehydrate. Each riot suit can be outfitted with the department’s preferred body camera as well.

The riot suits are easy to put on at a moment’s notice ensuring that the officer is ready for any situation that comes their way. Putting our riot suits on can bring about a feeling of strength and determination to do the job in the safest way possible.

Some Extra Benefits in the Riot Suits and Armor We Offer


The Patrol Riot Suit is full-body protection with the upper body chest and back panels and full arm coverage. Down the rest of the suit is protection for the thighs, shins, and feet of the officer with optional removable groin protection. The panels are all adjustable. They will fit any officer in all the right places during contentious situations with the public. It comes in sizes from XS to XXXL, but custom sizes are also available if needed.


The Enforcer Riot Suit has all the same features as the Patrol Riot Suit, but with a few extras. It has removable ballistic carriers and officers can add puncture panels to these carriers if they choose to. This allows the officer to customize the level of protection they need in any situation. It’s a multi-purpose suit with the ability to accommodate all types of ballistics gear.

Enforcer MP

The Enforcer MP Riot Suit is everything the Enforcer is, but with the added benefit of a full coverage MOLLE for situations that are highly intense and dangerous. This allows the officer to add any additional gear they need to do their job. It goes right over the regular suit to add options of critical weapons they might use.

The research and development that went into this riot suit was under the advisement of law enforcement officers in mobile field force (MFF) and correctional emergency response teams (CERT). Both of these groups deal with anti-riot specialization and crowd dispersal.

Arsenal Rapid Response Kit

This riot suit goes a step further in protection by adding a rapid response kit. The Arsenal Riot Suit comes with everything the first three suits offer with the addition of a groin cup attachment that secures to the thigh pieces and the back of the suit. However, it also has a deployable duty bag with gloves, a riot baton, shield, and helmet. It is tactical gear an officer can grab from their patrol car at a moment’s notice.

When you purchase this style of riot suit and gear, the law enforcement department can pick which riot suit they want to come with it. The Patrol, Enforcer, or Enforcer MP.

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Haven Gear is proud to provide the utmost in protection and defense for law enforcement that need the best riot suits available on the market today. They can feel secure in the knowledge that when they choose riot suits from Haven Gear, they are going to be ready for any anti-riot or crowd control situation.

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