Prision Cells at Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho

Prison Riot Gear: Protective Gear for Dangers in Confined Areas

The criminal justice system is designed to take violent offenders off the streets in an effort to keep peaceful citizens safe and secure. But prosecuting violent criminals and sentencing them to lengthy prison sentences don’t bring about immediate rehabilitation. The process transfers the risk of bodily harm and death from communities and puts the burden on correctional officers. When correctional officers clock in for work, they are confronted with managing America’s worst.

The men and women who work in federal, state, and county systems must have the best possible protective gear available. Not only is everyone they deal with a potentially dangerous criminal, but they are also housed together in tight quarters. That’s why Haven Gear designs and manufactures riot suits and accessories that can be suited up quickly in an emergency while delivering enhanced protection from stab and blunt force trauma.

Correctional Officers Face Imminent Dangers inside Confined Areas without Riot Gear

When considering the most appropriate protective gear, it’s essential to understand the unique risks of working in close quarters with criminals. Holding cells, hallways, and even cafeterias lend themselves to hand-to-hand confrontations. These are not peaceful people, and tight areas give a significant advantage to this type of physicality. These are common risks correctional officers require protection from.

  • Cell Extractions: Violent offenders commonly refuse to leave cells and face the consequences of continued bad behavior. When correctional officers enter the small cell space, they can suffer bodily injuries from blunt force trauma and sharp objects. The officer must also be able to outmaneuver a detainee, and the riot gear must not limit agility.
  • Cell Block Riots: When tensions burst into a cellblock riot, officers are tasked with suiting up in full riot gear to restore order. Detainees often attempt to pull off the gear and do greater harm. Haven Gear provides durable coveralls that fit over our riot suits to prevent prisoners from removing an officer’s only line of defense. The Patrol riot suit line by Haven Gear allows officers to suit up quickly. A snug fit makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy and the coveralls add an extra layer of close-quarters “insurance” if you will.
  • Cafeteria Riots: When criminal gangs within the institution plan a brawl, the cafeteria can be a highly dangerous place for officers. While breaking up fights and subduing offenders, others may attempt to stab correctional officers from behind. Our suits offer full-coverage protection from the chest, back, and sides, as well as shoulder and full arm, leg and groin panels. The durable nylon and patented polycarbonate panels deter stabbing penetrations and blunt force injuries.

Prison Violence Statistics with Prisoners

Reports on prison violence indicate that U.S. correctional officers face upwards of 36 times the rate of workplace violence than other occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are reported 415,000 correctional officers and jailers in the U.S. responsible for managing 2.2 million incarcerated criminals. All of these hardworking men and women have one thing in common. They go to work, knowing that every member of the prison population poses a significant danger, and they are all being housed in confined areas.

When a judge or jury delivers a verdict and gets violent criminals off the street, the risk falls on correctional officers. It’s crucial that they have the best available riot gear to keep them safe. Haven Gear understands the dangers correctional officers face each and every day. Our Patrol line and other riot suits deliver the protection and mobility necessary for handling the worst offenders in confined areas.

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