Riot Gear Durability: Making the Most of Your Investment Protection

Riot Gear Durability: Making the Most of Your Investment Protection

At Haven Gear, our state-of-the-art riot suits have revolutionized the law enforcement industry. These exceptional suits provide the utmost protection in dangerous situations when dealing with all types of criminal incidents. Having proper riot gear makes doing this complicated work a whole lot safer and more comfortable, considering each of the suits comes with its own specialized cooling and hydration systems, as well as a bounty of other options that can be customized. A Haven Gear riot suit is an investment law enforcement needs to make for their teams. Keeping that vital investment in mind, we’ve made these next-gen riot suits and all of our gear durable enough to last a long time. With that durability and longevity in mind, there are some ways to take care of this critical equipment that will help keep it in tip-top shape. 

The Materials Riot Gear is Made From

The advanced materials we use in each riot suit and accessory gear make them so long-lasting and durable. Take the Enforcer Riot Suit, for example. This is a full-coverage MOLLE design that is lightweight and allows the officer to carry extra equipment attached to the suit that they may need in a crowd control situation. 

The panels and plates are built to make the suit ballistic or puncture-resistant. Rigid panels, soft plates, spike armor, and butterfly ballistic panels exist. It’s fire, blunt force, and stab-resistant with an integrated cooling and durable hydration system. The combination of all these materials is made to be tough, strong, and ready for anything. 

Storing Your Gear 

A full suit with extra riot equipment is a lot to store appropriately. It’s vital that all the pieces are cleaned before you store any of your riot gear. Cleaning and storage go hand in hand. You never want to put away your gear dirty. Think of all the regular sweat and grime that will get on your gear while it’s in use. These bodily fluids can break down the suit’s integrity over time if it’s not cleaned correctly. 

You also want to store all your riot gear in a cool, dry place that isn’t too hot or moist. A temperature-controlled environment is best. Organize all your gear carefully when you store it, and don’t store it in a disorderly mess. Tactical gear all lumped together can be damaged more easily. 

How to Properly Maintain and Care for Haven Gear Riot Suit

When you take off your riot and tactical gear, there are some steps to take for cleaning. First, separate all the pieces so you have access to each part. Then, you want to use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner or detergent to wipe down the entire suit and all the pieces. Ensure everything you clean is rinsed and wiped thoroughly since you don’t want to leave a soapy residue behind that could damage the materials. 

A soft dishwasher scrubber or non-abrasive sponge is an excellent tool for brushing away caked-on dirt and debris. Since the riot suit or other pieces cannot be washed in a washing machine, this must be done by hand. 

Next, you want to dry all the pieces entirely before storing them. Mold and mildew can quickly grow if the pieces are put away damp. Do not use a laundry machine to dry the pieces. Air drying is best. 

Tips About Other Pieces of Tactical Gear 

Other pieces of riot gear need to be treated in the same way as the suit. This includes backpacks and carry bags, batons, gloves, and helmets. Wipe everything down and store it properly to maintain a good working order for all your gear. 

Another great tip is to properly inspect all the accessories and suits for damage. Pay attention to any wear and tear, especially along the seams. Make minor repairs as needed so they don’t become larger problems compromising the suit. Even though all of our riot gear and accessories at Haven Gear are made to be durable, items do wear out over time with the kind of major use they get. Replace as needed. 

Questions about Maintaining Your Investment? 

If you have questions about cleaning, storing, or maintaining your investment in any Haven Gear tactical riot suits or accessories, call or message us today. At the bottom of each page on our website, there is an easy-to-fill-out contact form. We’re happy to get back to you quickly and ensure you know exactly how to care for these essential pieces. We’re proud that Haven Gear will do an exceptional job for any law enforcement professional in top-notch riot gear.