A riot police helmet put on the ground, ready to use,Suppress the riot, put on protection against danger.

Seven Riot Gear Essentials for 2024 Protection

As we usher in the New Year, it’s not just resolutions that demand attention but also a comprehensive inventory check on your department’s riot gear and personal protective equipment (PPE). To ensure your officers are equipped with top-quality gear, especially after the lessons learned from the 2020 riots, consider upgrading or replenishing your equipment in 2024 with the latest offerings from Haven Gear.

Here are seven riot gear essentials for 2024 to add to your inventory.

Riot Helmets

In the face of various projectiles hurled during crowd control, state-of-the-art riot helmets stand as the first line of defense for officers. Haven Gear’s riot helmets feature face shields guarding against projectiles and liquids. The inclusion of neckguards provides added protection from projectiles thrown from behind.

Riot Shields

Combatting risks from Molotov cocktails and fireworks, Haven Gear’s riot shields, crafted from durable and lightweight polycarbonate, offer crucial defense. Fire-resistant and available in different configurations, these riot shields provide effective protection with added officer comfort through forearm padding.

Riot Gloves

Exposed hands during scuffles pose risks of cuts, burns, and exposure to hazardous substances. Haven Gear’s riot gloves, available in various sizes, provide superior protection. Options include standard gloves with hardened knuckles and padded Kevlar gloves for enhanced resistance against slashing or cutting.

Tactical Accessories

Equipped with a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) attachment system, Haven Gear’s riot suits facilitate the direct attachment of tactical accessories. MK4 and MK9 pouches, utility pouches, grenadier bags, and more enhance the versatility of the riot suits.

Cooling and Hydration Packs

Addressing the threats of heatstroke and dehydration during civil disturbances, Haven Gear offers cooling gel pack sets and hydration packs. These attach to the MOLLE system, allowing officers to carry up to 2 liters of water with a convenient drinking tube, ensuring comfort during extended deployments.

Riot Suits

Central to the ensemble, the Enforcer Riot Suit from Haven Gear provides head-to-toe protection in a lightweight package. Weighing approximately 10 pounds without attachments, it features a full MOLLE system, a multi-function ballistic carrier, and resistance to fire, blunt force, and stabbing. The Mounted Patrol Riot Suit offers additional protection for both horse and rider during disturbances.

Accessories and Carry Bags

Haven Gear provides backpacks and carry bags for riot suits, helmets, gas masks, and other items. Compact and easily deployable, these accessories ensure officers have their gear readily available in patrol vehicles.

As you consider upgrading your department’s riot safety gear in 2024, explore Haven Gear’s comprehensive catalog.

For inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Elevate officer safety with cutting-edge riot gear designed for the challenges of today’s civil disturbances.