Riot Gear

Top Riot Gear for Law Enforcement

The role of the police officer is to keep the general public safe and secure. But who keeps the officers safe? Answering this question ought to be a primary focus of law enforcement departments as without the correct training and the correct gear and tactical equipment, law enforcement officers cannot themselves safely complete their community roles. One such role is crowd control.

Crowd control is an invaluable service law enforcement officers provide to ensure events take place safely and successfully. Unfortunately, even events designed to inspire happiness and cheer, such as sporting events, pose a risk of turning ugly if certain elements prevail. The good news is that with the best riot gear, police officers can safely and effectively control crowds of every disposition safely and effectively.

Of course, there are a lot of types of riot gear available for law enforcement. So many that it may feel overwhelming. The following is a quick look through that noise at the top pieces of police riot gear that will best work to keep those working crowd control safe.


This one-size-fits-most Haven Gear helmet features black matte finish and an adjustable chin strap with adjustments for the top of the head. It’s comfortable but, most importantly, it keeps the wearer’s head safe from projectiles and impact force.


Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass. With lightweight design and flexibility that makes it both fantastic for protection and maneuverability through crowds.

Anti-Riot Baton

A durable baton is a cornerstone of any complete police riot gear set-up. Batons serve as an invaluable, versatile weapon that can be used to strike, jab, block, and even assist in arm locks. This polycarbonate tool can also be used to gain entry into buildings or vehicles via breaking glass or being used as a prying tool.

Padded Kevlar Riot Gloves

Available in four sizes, these gloves feature padding and partial forearm protection.

Chest Protection

Another essential for those not purchasing a full riot suit, a chest guard provides torso protection for the wearing law enforcement officer. Many riot gear chest guards are designed to seamlessly fit over a bulletproof vest to offer a nice deflective layer equipped to handle thrown projectiles, light impacts, and other damages that might occur throughout the course of a crowd control event.

Full Riot Suits

While all the above are excellent examples of effective tactical equipment, often the best place to start with purchasing police riot gear for officers is by outfitting them with a full riot suit. Full suits like the Enforcer MP Full Riot Suit offer outstanding protection for law enforcement.

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We hope this list of premium riot gear and what they can do for a law enforcement officer working crowd control helped to inform you of the great possibilities out there. To learn more about the Haven Gear pieces outlined above, or for more information about any of our company’s offerings, contact our Haven Gear team today.