Undercover Riot Gear: Discreet Solutions for Covert Law Enforcement Operations

Undercover Riot Gear: Discreet Solutions for Covert Law Enforcement Operations

Undercover Riot Gear: Discreet Solutions for Covert Law Enforcement Operations

At Haven Gear, one of our key focuses as a business is innovation in the riot gear we produce and sell. For decades, riot gear remained mostly unchanged, meaning existing problems and annoyances continued without being corrected. We seek to fix these problems by making modern riot equipment designed to assist law enforcement in the modern world. You take on many roles as a riot officer, and some officers do so undercover. Being disguised and closer (or in) the crowd allows you to keep a close eye on things and sometimes take control of a situation before it gets out of hand. However, while undercover, you have to blend in and a highly visible riot suit is anything but inconspicuous. We have a solution to this problem to help keep you safe and able to do your job.  

When You Need Safety and Discretion

We have a solution for when you need the protection riot gear offers but also need to do undercover work in a large crowd or at a gathering or event. Our riot gear and accessories are specifically designed to be lightweight, customizable, and easy to move in. With lightweight but still sturdy safety equipment, you can be protected and also wear normal clothing over your riot gear. This allows you to safely patrol and observe as you do your job. We also offer customization. Our suits can be modified by adding and removing plates if you need to reduce weight or need to focus your protection on one area of your body. Our suits are also made to fit right and, because they are not baggy and loose, they are a lot easier to wear under outer clothing.  

Three Reasons You Need Undercover Riot Equipment

  • Gathering Information: large crowds are hard to manage and the more you know the better. Being able to move around while undercover allows you to collect information on the general mode or what people may be planning. This aids in increasing overall safety and can stop disruptions before they spread.
  • Keep Things Under Control: what causes a crowd to become a riot takes an agitated crowd and an event to set it off. By being among the crowd, you can stop these events before they happen and keep things from getting out of control. In some cases, you can prevent things from going wrong completely and keep things peaceful.
  • Greater Control: controlling a large crowd is easier if you can do so from several different areas. By having several officers moving through a crowd, you can more easily take control of a situation when needed. This is far more effective than trying to control a crowd from a few points around and outside the central group.

Final Thought

When you need modern and dependable protection, we’re here to help. We work with law enforcement professionals when designing our riot gear, equipment, and accessories to ensure the products we make are the ones you need. We can provide you and your officers with customized riot equipment that keeps you safe in high-stress situations. No matter what your riot gear needs, we have a solution to your problem.