The Importance of Updated Riot Gear in 2023

It is natural for grievances to develop among members of society. It is also not uncommon for people with shared resentments to band together and take to the streets. When groups decide to register their displeasure in public, it can lead to two outcomes. One such outcome is peaceful demonstrations — the other outcome is rioting.

According to Cornell Law School, a “riot” is a public disturbance where three or more people behave in a violent and uncontrolled manner. Usually, the participants are trying to draw attention to a major societal issue. Many times, these riots are not originally intended to be violent demonstrations. Regardless of these intentions, there is no denying that riots are unpleasant and unwanted occurrences. If left unchecked, riots can affect society negatively by leading to the great destruction of life and property.

Since their job is to maintain law and order, law enforcement agencies are charged with the responsibility of controlling riots. This task is herculean because these officers have to quell violent demonstrations with minimal use of force. They also have to avoid causing injury to the rioters. This puts them at great risk of injury and even death. To prevent this, law enforcement agents adopt the use of riot gear.

Why Riot Gear Should Be Updated in 2023

In the 20th century, the riot gear used by anti-riot personnel consisted of a helmet, baton and suit of armor. After some time, materials like rubber bullets and pepper spray were added.

However, as good as this set of equipment is, they do not fit the demands of present-day society. For law enforcement officers to perform their riot-control duties effectively, their riot gear needs to be updated. Reasons for this include:

Increased Riot Protection and Safety

There is an increase in the frequency of riots worldwide. As a result, there is a heightened need for the anti-riot officer to be protected more effectively than ever before. Riot crowds are now more violent and utilize more dangerous materials like improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firearms and certain chemicals in their assaults. If law enforcement officers are not given the protection that is suitable for the current times, they will suffer needless casualties.

Increased Control and Body Mobility

The nature and pace of riots are constantly changing. Therefore, the officers tasked with quelling these riots need to be smart and dynamic in their approach. There have been complaints that the current body arm is quite heavy and does not support swift movement. Consequently, law enforcement officers need to upgrade to riot gear that supports smart movement.

Features of Updated Riot Gear

Some things you should expect to see in updated riot gear include:

Multiple Product Carriers

The new riot gear contains several built-in carriers. This enables the law enforcement officer to carry all that they might need for the task in gear. This feature helps the user keep both hands free, which can be highly useful in a riot.

Light Riot Materials

The new riot gear is made from materials such as polypropylene and nylon. These materials are strong and also allow the officer to make quicker movements in the field. They are also much more comfortable and resistant to fire, stabs and blows.

Body Cameras Updated

Body cameras can be used with upgraded riot gear. This makes it easier to record the events that occur in the riots and the actions taken. It can also help the control room know what is happening and give informed directives.

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