Riot Gloves and Helmets for Safety

Riot Gloves and Helmets for Safety

Full body protection is one of the most important parts of wearing a riot suit. At Haven Gear, we go the extra mile to make sure that all of our tactical accessories are of the highest standard. Two of those items an officer needs are gloves and helmets. These items need to be comfortable; the person using them needs to be able to move around with ease during any situation that may come up.

For helmets, that means they need to be fitted in a way that doesn’t obscure their vision and offers unparalleled safety. In gloves, the goal is to make sure that full use of their hands isn’t a problem. So, with these ideas in mind, we’ve created the absolute best gloves and helmets to make sure that they are a seamless part of getting the job done right. It’s tactical gear that’s easy to wear and provides the utmost quality of protection.

Let’s look at the safety options we offer at Haven Gear.

Riot Gloves Offer Sturdy Protection

Tactical riot gloves are a very important part of the entire riot suit. We offer several different types. The first one is the Haven Gear Padded Kevlar Riot Glove. It’s a padded, hard-knuckle glove with partial forearm protection. The added Kevlar material offers superior protection in dangerous situations. There may be glass or debris flying around that can severely damage an officer’s hands and compromise their ability to do their job in the moment. These gloves can be a lifesaver in many ways. The padding can help to withstand shock to the hands, and they work for anyone in the military, SWAT teams, and corrections officers working in jails or prison populations.

The other glove type we make is the Hard Knuckle Glove. This water-proof glove offers extra protection at the knuckles. They allow better articulation for a person’s fingers while wearing them for improved mobility over other tactical glove types.

Both of these glove types come in sizes small to extra-large and are black, which blends in with our suits, like the Enforcer or the Patrol.

Any of our other gloves are designed with a range of duties in mind. From cold weather protection, puncture resistance or standard duty gloves, to specialized shooters gloves. 

Helmets and Face Shields for Safety

Law enforcement teams need different styles of tactical riot helmets. We offer two main types of riot helmets and face shields that go with them. The Haven Gear Bump Helmet has a black matte finish, adjustable chin strap, and a dial retention crown. This makes it more comfortable around the forehead. It’s easy to add tactical accessories like a camera, night vision, and communication devices to this helmet. It can also be used with other eye protection or in a situation where the air quality is compromised. A gas mask will work well with this style of helmet.

The other helmet type is the HG-HMAT Riot Helmet. This has a neck shield attached to the back of the helmet for even more protection. Plus, this helmet has either a bubble face shield or a straight one, depending on preference or the situation where it’s being used. Bubble face shields are a little bit shorter and either helmet style can be used with a gas mask, if needed. Both of these face shields are made of strong polycarbonate and are adjustable to work with the helmet for any head size.

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