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Gear Series: An In-Depth Look at the Arsenal Kit

Law enforcement officers need to have the very best gear in arm’s reach to do their job properly. The Arsenal Rapid Response Kit from Haven Gear is a seriously full-scale collection of equipment that will help to protect any law enforcement officer in a riot or crowd control situation. It has everything that can assist any officer in getting the job done right in the most comfortable suit possible.

The tech that went into the creation of the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit is second-to-none. One of the founding ideas of Haven Gear was the fact that riot gear hadn’t been updated since the 1970s. That’s just unacceptable, so years of intense development and research were done to make each piece of the “Arsenal” necessary and complete. In this series, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Arsenal, and how this innovative kit can create a better working environment in an out-of-control crowd scenario that needs to be dealt with immediately.

arsenal kit

Everything an Officer Needs in One Compact Duffle Bag

One of the best things about the Arsenal is that the suit, and all the extra gear an officer will need, is in one simple compact bag. It can go into the squad car without even taking up that much space. The lightweight duty bag is 36 inches, expertly crafted by Haven Gear, and has everything needed at their fingertips.

The Riot Suit and Gear

In each Arsenal kit, the officer can have their choice of a riot suit, helmet, gloves, shield and baton. The suits to choose from are the Patrol, Enforcer, or MP suit. The suit is equipped with specialized tech that is geared towards protection and comfort. Additionally, it includes a built-in cup for groin protection and a helmet can be purchased separately. The baton and riot shield is attached and easy to access, as quickly as possible, when needed in any contentious situation.

The suit is fire, blunt-force trauma, and puncture-resistant, all the while being extremely lightweight and easy to wear. Additionally, there are integrated hydration and cooling system options. We know the suit sometimes has to be worn for long shifts. Thus, it’s important that the law enforcement officer has those advantages, not only for comfort, but survival.

The hydration pack is attached to the back with quick connection straps, and the tube linking to it is quick to sip some water from with a bite valve that minimizes leaking. The cooling packs can be placed anywhere inside the suit that the officer needs to minimize overheating. The ideal places to put the cooling packs are against the neck, under the arms, and by the groin area. These locations are where large blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. Placing the packs in these areas will help cool down the body in the fastest way possible from being overheated.

Some of the materials the suit is made of are molded propylene, nylon, and a hook and loop system. This system makes grabbing the equipment off of the suit fast and simple. It’s also body-camera ready with a MOLLE-lined backpack and four way ID system. Everything the officer needs is ready to serve them well with whatever dangerous situation arises.

Sized to Perfection Detail

The suit comes in sizes ranging from XSmall to XXL, with custom sizes available, if needed. The total kit when packed into the duffle bag weighs only 20 lbs. It’s easy to grab and go on the fly. The innovative way everything was designed for optimal use allows the officer to open the kit and get ready at a moment’s notice. It’s that easy to outfit an entire squad with the best suit and gear on the market with the Arsenal.

Questions About the Arsenal

If you are trying to outfit your law enforcement riot squad with the best suit and gear on the market today, it’s time to turn to the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit. Send any questions to our team at Haven Gear because we want your force to be able to do their job with the utmost protection and comfort in mind.