Law Enforcement

How Does Law Enforcement Serve With Confidence?

Confidence for law enforcement begins with them feeling supported. This is, in part, having to do with the gear they are provided with. Providing them the personal protective equipment to finish their shifts without injury or fatality takes some of the worry. Police officers are tasked with intervening at great personal risk. In order for law enforcement professionals to perform at the highest level, they need protective equipment like riot gear to handle difficult situations.

Violent Crimes

Some data indicates the number of simple and aggravated assaults has leveled off since 2020. There were a reported 16.5 attacks per 1,000 people over 12 years old in 2021, according to a U.S. Justice Department report. However, attacks surged in urban landscapes.

“From 2020 to 2021, the violent victimization rate increased from 19.0 to 24.5 victimizations per 1,000 persons in urban areas while remaining unchanged in suburban or rural areas,” the report states. Haven Gear produces a variety of personal protective suits and accessories designed for field officers. The Patrol suit, for example, provides hard panels that resist blunt force impacts. An officer wearing a lightweight patrol suit can engage a violent offender with confidence. The riot suit absorbs the impact of fists, knees, and hard objects. That allows officers to be protected while they handle the situation.

Community Dog Attacks

It may come as something of a surprise to responsible pet owners, but more than 4.5 million dog bites occur in the U.S. annually. Of those attacked by canines, 800,000 require medical attention and more than half were children, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dogs are sometimes present during intense situations and they present a whole new threat.

Police departments can ensure each officer is prepared to deal with an aggressive animal by providing effective protective gear. The riot suit lines produced by Haven Gear provide seamless joint flexibility to help officers maneuver and recover quickly if a large dog knocks them over. Lightweight polypropylene panels protect officers’ vital organs, arms, and legs in the event a rabid animal tries to sink its teeth. Heavy-duty gloves protect otherwise exposed hands.

Law Enforcement Protects You From Crime

During rioting and looting, Haven Gear products are especially effective for officer safety. American cities were plagued with rioting and looting before the pandemic. The violence has not stopped though. Any incident can quickly devolve into vandalism and arson. One of the ways Haven Gear addressed riots and looting involves accessorizing. Enhanced protective elements can be added to the Patrol suit to handle heightened danger. Gloves, helmets, and accessories can be carried and added as needed.

It’s also practical for patrol officers to carry riot shields and other equipment in the trunk of a vehicle for fast-escalating situations. Creating a wall in front of aggressive crowds or arresting looters is inherently dangerous. Haven Gear, in conjunction with good training, can totally change a situation and create a safer outcome.

Confidence With Haven Gear

Haven Gear produces a complete line of protective equipment designed to promote law enforcement confidence and public safety. Law enforcement officers are determined to get bad actors and threats off the streets. Providing them with Haven Gear suits shows them that they are supported.