Haven gear riot suit with riot protective gear and panels.

The Importance of Protective Panels in Riot Suits

Police officers and other members of law enforcement have a dangerous job of protecting the public from acts of violence. When protestors get out of hand and start violently demonstrating their frustrations, the police must show up and safely put a stop to any illegal behavior. As they serve and protect, they must have the gear they need in order to keep them safe. One of these important features they’ll need to ensure their riot suit and gears provide is protective back and chest paneling. 

Police are faced with the risk of enduring blunt trauma force and other harmful impacts when on the job. With outdated riot gear, law enforcement and correctional agencies saw the need to protect the public, and themselves, without hindering their ability to respond quickly. Because of this, officers and other correctional agencies must be proactive about getting next-gen riots suits for their departments. 

Protecting Our Police

The drive to protect officers is a top priority for many communities. The challenge is to provide gear that fits all police personnel properly. People come in all shapes and sizes and so must the riot gear. Gear that does not fit properly will not protect the way it should. It can allow for these protective panels to move and shift, which could result in direct harm to the correctional officers who are trying to detain an inmate. It also results in the officer being restricted when they try to move. A tight-fitting riot suit will hinder the police officer from acting rapidly during riots, protests, and other highly-stressful crowd control situations. 

Mobility and Flexibility

The protective gear that officers must wear needs to have some level of comfort to it. This means that they must be able to bend, hunch, squat down, and get back up without any restriction from the riot suit or the panels. Along with mobility, these officers need to be able to put on and take off their gear as quickly as possible, due to the fact that shaving seconds off of response time can mean saving more lives. Gear that makes the officer sore or restricts motion also can become a problem, as it leads to these officers not able to defend themselves and push the crowd back as easily if they need to.

Extra Storage 

Having the right equipment is essential to keeping law enforcement officers safe while on the job. One aspect of the gear that is easy to add is the Molle storage system. This design allows officers to attach gear in a place that it can be reached in case they need it to protect themselves.The MOLLE storage system allows the wearer of the riot suit to move around and have access to their gear, right from their panel.

Confidence In Your Safety 

Panels in riot suits have many different functions to protect our police officers and correctional agencies, but more importantly, they ensure that they get home safely after every night. Next-gen riot suits now provide these officers with the ability to feel confident in their safety. With the need for a heightened sense of security, mobility, and overall protection, Haven Gear teamed up with law enforcement and correctional officers across the country to create riot suits for officers everywhere. Their patented design for riot suits, like the Patrol Suit, offers essential full-body protection with lightweight, adjustable molded polypropylene panels. 

Unparalleled protection, with unrivaled mobility is essential for all police officers and correctional agencies. Get the gear you need, with the protection you can count on. Fill out a form on our website or call us today to see how we can suit your department with the protection they deserve.