Rapid Response Team: Shaving Seconds Early On Could Mean Saving a Life

Rapid Response Team: Shaving Seconds Early On Could Mean Saving a Life

Everyday people often operate under the misconception that law enforcement officials can respond to any emergency in a matter of seconds. It should not be surprising to some to find out that when someone calls 911, or a significant civil disturbance erupts, there are not enough peace officers to go around. And, that it takes time for those officers to assemble and address the threat. The reality is, that in order to address 911 calls efficiently and keep officers safe, specific communication protocols must be enacted. Unfortunately, while the message makes its way from the dispatcher to department, time goes by.

When it’s determined that a rapid response team is necessary to address a threat or control a crowd, they still have to adorn potentially lifesaving riot gear. It’s not uncommon for emergency response times of upwards of 10 minutes or longer. And, when officers have to strap on additional safety gear, those times can increase while our valued community members are at risk. Every second that passes means someone’s life is in jeopardy. These rank among the vital issues that the team at Haven Gear considered when designing next-generation riot gear. We understand that the men and women who restore civil order must wear the best possible protective wear, and the faster rapid response teams can suit up, the safer our communities can be.

Pitfalls Of Wearing Outdated Riot Gear

Riot gear and protective equipment were not initially designed with rapid response team times in mind. Civil unrest obviously predates the split-second technology in use today, and that generally meant spreading the word about violence in the streets was also slow to develop.

Today, a quick group text from violent street gangs posing as political activists or a courtroom verdict perceived to be unjust can inflame tensions almost immediately. Peaceful protests can now explode into property destruction and violence in minutes. The bulky riot gear of the 20th Century has proven to be far too cumbersome to meet today’s law enforcement rapid response team challenges.

Much of the outdated protective gear that many rapid response teams departments still use requires peace officers to spend too much valuable time suiting up. Yesteryear riot suits also restrict mobility. That’s why specialized units tasked with handling major crises often traveled in police vans. The fact of the matter is that their agility was confined to such a degree that it would be risky to drive themselves.

These shortcomings are not necessarily the fault of past riot gear designers. They often used the best technology and materials available to keep our valued police officers safe from hard impacts and stab wounds. Fortunately, Haven Gear has brought protective gear into the 21st Century to meet modern threats and shave minutes off response times.

Haven Gear Meets Rapid Response Needs of Peace Officers

When the Haven Gear team imagined critical necessities such as riot gear, officer safety, and rapid response team abilities ranked high. The fundamental idea was to build upon the elements of old school gear that delivered enhanced safety and utilize emerging technology and materials to create a next-generation riot suit. To that end, these are distinctive Haven Gear elements that deliver the agility and mobility to shrink rapid response teams time.

  • Haven Gear riot suits are ultra-lightweight for enhanced agility.
  • Durable hook and loop straps and closures enable officers to quickly don and doff the suit by themselves.
  • Officers in Haven Gear riot suits can drive themselves to hotspots.
  • Law enforcement can run to head-off conflict wearing a Haven Gear suit and are able to get up if they get knocked down.
  • Police officers can comfortably wear riot gear while on patrol for their entire shift.
  • Additional protective equipment, such as ballistic plates and panels, can be carried in the patrol car and inserted into integrated carriers* for rapid response team upgrades.
  • Integrated cooling and hydration systems provide officers protection against extreme heat.
  • They are proven to be stab, fire and blunt-force resistant.
  • Headgear delivers non-restrictive peripheral vision benefits.

The number of mass shootings and peaceful-protests-turned-violent has dramatically increased, and the Haven Gear suits have brought essential law enforcement equipment into the 21st Century. Communities and agencies have smartly invested in cutting edge telecommunications infrastructure to streamline the time it takes to field a call and alert boots-on-the-ground officers. The importance of now providing those same officers with the most advanced protective gear to minimize rapid response team times and save a life cannot be understated.

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*Integrated ballistic carriers are features of the Enforcer and Enforcer MP Riot Suit.