Four officers prepared in full body Haven Gear Protection.

Lightweight Riot Gear: Breaking Down Haven Gear’s Next-Gen Full-Body Protection

Since the 1970s, riot gear, including riot suits, has not changed. Large, bulky riot suits are no longer needed. In fact, heavy riot suits tend to slow law enforcement down. When law enforcement needs to be mobile or stand on the job for hours, outdated riot suits could impede them from doing their jobs safely and effectively. Having a lightweight riot suit, on the other hand, can help protect your law enforcement agency during any rapid response call, with the full-body protection they need.

Full-Body Protection for All Law Enforcement Agencies

Haven Gear has three different levels of lightweight riots suits for all law enforcement agencies. All of the suits are fire resistant, ultra lightweight, stab resistant, blunt force resistant, have MOLLE lined side panels, and hook and loop ID systems. The suits come in sizes from XS to XXL, with larger sizes available by request, and can be customized to each department. 

The nylon and molded polypropylene panels provide lightweight protection against fire, blunt force objects and stabbing objects. Without the ballistic panels, the cooling system, and the hydration system, the suits weigh 10 pounds. Every suit is also made to support hydration, cooling, additional body armor, and body cameras. 

Polypropylene pieces also protect vital organs by providing a layer of protection from sharp objects; they also provide protection against blunt force, thus reducing bruising. The modular design of the suit adjusts so that it fits each officer perfectly. The MOLLE back panels provide the officers a place to mount the optional hydration on the back of the suit.

The Patrol Lightweight Riot Suit

The Patrol is a flexible suit with full coverage vest and has the options for hydration and cooling systems. The Patrol comes with back and chest protection, protection for the upper and lower arms, thigh, protection for your feet, shins and thighs, and removable groin protection. Learn more about this suit here.

The Enforcer Riot Suit

The lightweight Enforcer riot suit also has full coverage panels and will keep you protected when you need it most. Hydration and cooling systems are also optional with the Enforcer. This version of our lightweight riot suit comes with chest and back protection with removable ballistic carriers, protection for the upper and lower arms, protection for your feet, shins and thighs, removable groin protection, and puncture panels. Learn more about the Enforcer here. 

The Enforcer MP Riot Suit

The Enforcer MP riot suit adds full-coverage MOLLE, plus all of the protections included in the Patrol and Enforcer riot suits. The Enforcer MP also allows you to add the accessories required for intense tactical solutions. The integrated carriers allow you to add panels or plates. As with the Patrol and Enforcer lightweight riot suits, the hydration and cooling systems are optional and can be added if needed. 

The Arsenal Rapid Response Kit

For the law enforcement officer that needs it all, the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit is a riot kit that fits neatly into a duty bag. This 36-inch deployable bag holds a riot helmet, gloves, baton, canister and riot shield. The kit includes the lightweight riot suit of your choices, whether the Patrol, Enforcer or Enforcer MP; a riot helmet, a 34-inch baton with a lanyard, a riot shield and hard knuckle riot gloves.

The entire kit fits into the bag, making it easy to throw in a patrol or squad car on your way out the door. The lightweight riot suits are easy to put on, so you can get into it in a few minutes when you arrive at the scene.

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*Due to COVID and our suppliers, we are currently not selling gas masks as part of the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit*