Riot police coaches review crowd control

Four Steps In Top Riot and Crowd Control Preparation

At Haven Gear, we are committed to providing you and your team with the best in modern riot gear. We work with law enforcement professionals like you and base our designs and equipment on your needs. When you need to stay safe in unpredictable situations, we’re here to help keep you safe. Proper equipment is a critical component in crowd and riot control. However, it is only one part of a much larger process. Large crowds are dangerous and unpredictable things and can damage property and endanger lives.

Safety is of the utmost top importance, and proper gear preparation helps limit the scope of damage a riot can cause and the overall negative impact.

Four Steps In Riot and Crowd Control Preparation

  1. Proper Training: Working as a team is critical in maintaining order when large crowds are involved. Your team must work more than individuals as that quickly causes a breakdown in strategy and can reduce overall effectiveness. Controlling large crowds and, importantly, dangerous riots requires proper classes and courses to ensure your team is ready to handle the situation. Skills such as appropriate responses, knowing how to read a crowd, recognizing and arresting dangerous people, and communicating with each other and the crowd help ensure safety and the proper response. Our equipment, designed for safety, durability, and mobility, further enhances your effectiveness. Training is a consistent need as new officers are hired and old officers leave. Skills can be lost by attrition and have to be consistently maintained.    
  2. Having The Right Equipment: At Haven Gear, we design riot suits and gear you can rely on. Our equipment is safe, durable, and designed to aid mobility. Proper equipment is essential, as old equipment is heavier and more challenging to move in. There is also wear to consider, as older equipment may need to provide the level of protection you expect. Part of being prepared is having up-to-date equipment and all the proper accessories, such as gloves and helmets, to ensure safety.
  3. Plan Beforehand: Thorough pre-planning is a must before tackling any large crowd or riot situation. This includes gathering information about the event, engaging with the public, establishing a clear command chain, and devising emergency plans. You must be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by having callout protocols, alternative routes, and additional equipment if necessary. Post-event planning is equally crucial, as it may involve tasks such as prisoner transport, booking, evidence collection, and clean-up, depending on the nature of the event.
  4. Make Needed Updates: No plan is perfect, and you have the power to make regular updates and changes as needed. If a strategy or methodology isn’t working as expected, changes should be made to increase effectiveness. Also, regular training updates should be done to ensure you are aware of and use the latest crowd control techniques. Regular maintenance of your equipment is also crucial. Cleaning and inspecting your equipment ensures it is ready for field use and crowd control. Cleaning and regular upkeep, such as tightening loose fittings, can go a long way toward improving officer safety.

Officer Gear Final Thoughts

Crowd control is complex to predict by its very nature, and riots are often far from organized. By being well-equipped, trained, and organized in your approach, you ensure the safety and support of your officers and help prevent tragic outcomes by keeping control of explosive situations.