New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is a popular holiday. Whether you’re throwing a party at your home or going out, always keep your safety in mind. With planning, consideration, and good common sense, you can safely enjoy the holiday. Here are five tips to keep you safe this New Year’s Eve.

Five New Year’s Eve Night Safety and Care Tips

Watch Your Drinks

Drunk driving accidents increase during the holiday season. This is due to increased travel and the greater use of alcoholic beverages during holiday celebrations. You can stay safe this New Year’s Eve by being attentive to your drinking activity. If you are drinking it’s important to plan your travel activity and options. By making use of a designated driver, taxi, or ride-share service you can avoid unsafe travel.

Keep Your Phone Charged

When going out for the holiday be sure to keep your phone charged. You do not want the battery to be drained when you need your phone the most. Charging it in advance before you leave your home and carrying a spare battery pack keeps your phone in working condition. This is important because a charged phone allows you to make important phone calls, stay in contact with your group, call a cab, or contact emergency services if needed.

Pay Attention

In large gatherings and party settings, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings. Theft is common during large events. Getting pickpocketed or having your phone stolen out of a bag are common crimes. Keeping an eye on your possessions, noticing what’s going on around you, and knowing where the exits are can help keep you safe. Also, if the crowd starts becoming too rowdy for your taste don’t hesitate to leave.

Firework Safety and Care

If you are holding a New Year’s event at your home, fireworks are a popular activity for celebrating the new year. Be aware of your local laws concerning fireworks as these can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Stay outside and away from cars or buildings and douse firework remnants with water before disposing. Finally, be sure to take proper care of your pets in case they are startled by loud noises.

Being a Good Host

Not everyone celebrates the New Year away from home. If you are planning a party at your residence the following tips will keep everyone safe. Make sure your smoke alarms have fresh batteries. Have a list of phone numbers prepared for emergency services such as hospitals. Have designated drivers or contact information for local taxi services available. Have non-alcoholic drinks available and know when to stop serving alcoholic beverages. Know who is invited and who will be visiting your home as this reduces chances of theft or other possible issues an uninvited guest can cause. Finally, offer places to stay if some guests are in no condition to travel after the party has ended.

At Haven Gear, We Know Safety

At Haven Gear, we are experts at keeping people safe. Follow our tips for New Year’s Eve safety. Keep a close eye on your surroundings and you’ll be sure to have a good time. New Year’s Eve is an exciting holiday; going out to enjoy the festivity or holding a party at home are two of the best ways to spend an evening with friends and family. By keeping our tips in mind you’ll be well-prepared for the night. Remember to stay safe.