Staying Safe in the Line of Duty: How Riot Gear Can Save Lives

Though some riots are planned, most are the result of spontaneous outbursts of pain and anger. This spontaneity, coupled with the violent and destructive nature of riots, makes them undesirable and dangerous. As a result, the government charged law enforcement with the responsibility of quelling riots. However, it has been discovered that controlling riots can be a herculean task. Without proper gear, officers can find themselves outnumbered, defenseless, and incapable of countering the actions of the violent mob. The situation is further complicated by the need for officers to apply as little force as possible. As a result, many law enforcement officers have been rendered victims of violence during riots. The need for protection for lawn enforcement personnel has led to the development of riot gear.

Tactical riot gear refers to the set of equipment worn by law enforcement officers when assigned to control riots. It serves as a form of protection for law enforcement officers during the discharge of their duties. It also consists of equipment that helps disperse crowds and discourage violence.

The development of protective riot gear and its adoption by law enforcement have greatly increased their effectiveness in quelling riots. The protection it offers has caused a reduction in the number of casualties recorded by law enforcement agencies during riots. This has also increased the confidence with which law enforcement officers perform their duties.

Components of Modern Police Riot Gear

Over time, improvements have been made to early forms of riot gear. Modern police gear was designed to fit the needs of the present-day police officer. Its components include things like:

  • Suit
  • Helmet
  • Baton
  • Backpacks and Carry Bags
  • Tear gas canisters
  • Shield
  • Gear For Mounted Units

The Advantages of Tactical Police Riot Gear

The aim of commissioning anti-riot police is to restore order to an area as well as protect lives and property in the event of a riot. To do this effectively, law enforcement officers need to be well protected and equipped. The protective riot gear makes this possible.

There are several reasons why body riot gear for police should be made available to police. They include:

  • Improved Protection

The most important benefit offered is its protective feature. The suit and helmet of modern protective riot gear are usually made from materials such as nylon and polypropylene. These materials are light but are also strong and impenetrable. They protect the user from being injured in a number of ways.

  • Ease of Identification

One thing about police riot gear is that it does not blend in. It is very easy to spot. As a result, when a team of law enforcement officers donning riot gear intercepts an ongoing riot, they are immediately recognized. The attention they receive offers them the opportunity to dialogue and peacefully resolve the crisis. It also conveys a message to the rioters that the officers are prepared to protect themselves during a violent situation.

  • Increased Mobility

Police officers don’t want to be bogged down by equipment that makes them slow. Given the unpredictable nature of riots, officers will want to be able to move smartly. The tactical riot gear allows for easy maneuvering. It also helps the police officer handle dynamic situations and escape from danger.

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